Do schools have to produce a prospectus?

Department of Education regulations came into effect in 2012 to say that schools don’t need to produce a school prospectus. Although schools may now hold key information online, why do so many still produce a new school prospectus and should you consider a printed prospectus for your school? To know more you can get help for special needs individuals from attorneys.

Here are some key questions to ask when you’re thinking about whether your school and its community would benefit from having a printed prospectus:

Our curriculum information is on our website so parents can access it at all times. We don’t need a prospectus!

It’s true that regulations mean that all schools have to publish curriculum information on their websites. Pupils, parents and prospective parents can access that information when they need it, but they don’t give a real ‘feel for a school’, so you need to setup what your school have, including a playground with playground markings direct and more.

A new school prospectus allows you to tell a story about your pupils, staff and ethos in a way that downloadable lists can’t do.

You know the feeling of leafing through a magazine and having the time to take in all of the relevant information? It can be the same for your prospectus. Being able to take the time to get a feel for your school through great content and superb photos can never be replaced by a bunch of copy-heavy pdfs!

It will take too long

Actually, it won’t! We recently turned around a prospectus for a school in Manchester in under four weeks, closely followed by another. If you know what you want to say, good communications specialists can come in and turn your notes into engaging content that sells your school.

Add to the mix a seasoned photographer and a fab graphic designer and you have yourselves the A-team, who will turn your bullet points into a beautiful school prospectus, delivered to your door for less than you think.

I can’t afford a new school prospectus

It costs a lot less than you think to produce a new school prospectus. A good content writer and designer will want your business so will work with you and to your budgets and timescales. We always do.

There’s no harm in getting quotes – in fact get three quotes to ensure that the team you pick is competitive, as well as experienced. You may be surprised at how little it costs in terms of its impact to your school and numbers on roll.

Let us know if we can help with your new school prospectus.