Loreto Preparatory School new school prospectus design

Loreto Prep contacted us, as they wanted to update their school prospectus, which was out of date for their needs. They needed something to present at a school open day, so we worked to their deadlines to produce a lovely new prospectus that they could use for prospective parents and pupils.

We met with them at the school to discuss design, photography, and print options and worked with them on building the structure and content of the prospectus.

After commissioning a trusted photographer, we attended the school with them to capture the essence of the school, its staff and its pupils, and presented Loreto with a suite of new images to use in the prospectus and for future marketing needs.

Loreto Preparatory School New School Prospectus Design

Loreto put together a framework of content, which we finessed to come up with the final wording for the prospectus.

One of the advantages of working with copper media is our ability to quickly react to the needs of our clients and we can also get remote jobs

We work efficiently, meeting the deadlines set by our clients and in a fluid way, without being precious about our work – your ideas are as valid as ours and we’ll always listen to what you want.

It’s a real hands-on team effort; for this prospectus we went into the school, printed out the initial designs, cut the pages and arranged them by hand to make sure the structure was correct, the images were balanced and the narrative made sense.

Our work is always a two-way process, so after attending another meeting to discuss the design and content, we took on board the tweaks that Loreto wanted to make to ensure that the school leadership team was completely happy with their new prospectus.

Delivered on time and on budget, Loreto were very happy with their new prospectus. “They’ve arrived and look fantastic! The open days went well with lots of positive comments about the prospectus.